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When the Letter X Seems to Be Missing in an Italian Word

In a previous lesson we looked at words that look similar in Italian and English, and which have an N in English, but not Italian. Now it's time for the letter X. In many cases, the X in English is "replaced" by an S. Sometimes it's "replaced" by a double S. In fact, X is used very infrequently in Italian.



Esatto (exact)


Cioè, dopo quattro anni, Voi vi ricordate il giorno esatto

That is to say, after four years, you remember the exact day

in cui abbiamo aperto il Lido delle Sirene?

I opened the Mermaids' Beach?

Captions 56-57, Imma Tataranni Sostituto procuratore - S1EP1 L'estate del dito

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Tossico (toxic)


La mattina mi aveva detto che

That morning he had told me that

voleva far mettere questi rifiuti tossici nella mia terra.

he wanted to let them put this toxic waste in my lands.

Captions 16-17, Imma Tataranni Sostituto procuratore - S1 EP2 Come piante fra sassi

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Esplorare (to explore)


Stiamo continuando a esplorare quest'oasi verde...

We are continuing to explore this green oasis...

Caption 2, Meraviglie - EP. 1 - Part 7

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Esempio (example)


Qui abbiamo un esempio di scrittura di note sul pentagramma.

Here we have an example of notes written on a staff.

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Ausiliare (auxiliary)


Nei tempi composti,

In perfect tenses,

il verbo "piacere" è sempre coniugato

the verb "to delight" is always conjugated

con il verbo ausiliare "essere".

with the auxiliary verb "to be."

Captions 18-19, Corso di italiano con Daniela - Piacere

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Testo (text)


Quali sono le parole nuove che vediamo in questo testo?

What are the new words we see in this text?

Caption 25, Corso di italiano con Daniela - Primi incontri

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We can include contesto (context), pretesto (pretext), and perhaps other words that include testo/text.


Ossigeno (oxygen)


Il fiume ha un'acqua ricca di ossigeno.

The river has oxygen-rich water.

Caption 20, Meraviglie - S2EP1 - Part 6

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Tasse (taxes)


io non sono per niente brava a compilare

I'm not at all good at filling out

il modulo per pagare le tasse.

the form for paying my taxes.

Caption 55, Marika spiega - I verbi cavare e togliere

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We hope this gives you the idea, and that it can facilitate remembering certain words. There are undoubtedly others in addition to these, so don't hesitate to write to us and we'll add them to this lesson. For the N lesson, we received some good feedback.


Thanks for reading!