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Calcio - Intervista con il Prof. Cravero

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 2:40     Country: Italy

Professor Davide Cravero, head of the Turin soccer school, is interviewed following the commemoration of the Grande Torino (Torino Football Club) whose players all died in an airplane crash in 1949 in Superga, enroute from Portugal where they had played their last game. To commemorate, there was a special mass, as well as lots of competitions and initiatives for junior soccer players.

Serena - vita da universitari

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 2:49     Accent: Lucano

Studying is not the only thing students do at the university. They like to have fun, too. Being from out of town, but too far away for a commute, Serena and Elena rent an apartment with other students. Find out what they like to do in the evenings!

Ma che ci faccio qui! - Un film di Francesco Amato - Part 17

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:16     Accent: Italian

Alessio has a very creative idea for saving the beach club. Tonino is skeptical, but gradually warms to the idea.

Carmen Consoli - Amore di plastica

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 5:01     Accent: Italian

Carmen Consoli performs one of her hit songs, Amore di Plastica (Love made of plastic) live, for an audience of fans.

Anna e Marika - in TG Yabla Italia e Meteo - Part 7

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 5:16     Accent: Italian

Get the latest news, sports and weather (and the vocabulary for understanding it!) from Marika, Guido and Anna. And don't miss one of the latest inventions on the market!

Corso di italiano con Daniela - Ti piace

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 2:15     Accent: Neapolitan

Daniela shows us how to ask people if they like something. And don't forget: the thing you like is the subject of the sentence and will govern the conjugation of the verb "piacere."

Serena - sistema universitario italiano

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:58     Accent: Lucano

Get the inside story on going to university in Italy! Serena and Elena talk about how the school year is broken up, where you register, taking exams and how the grading works, what grade point average you need to pass, and much more.

Il Commissario Manara - Le Lettere Di Leopardi - Ep 4 - Part 8

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 2:50     Accent: Italian

Lara and Luca go to interrogate a suspect whose only alibi for the night of the murder depends on Marcuccio, who is still missing. Meanwhile, Giulia intercepts a cryptic phone call.

Linea Blu - Sicilia - Part 4

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:15     Accent: Italian

Messina was completely destroyed in a terrible earthquake and then completely rebuilt. But there's lots to see there. Don't miss the largest organ in Italy, and an incredible mechanical clock with a crowing rooster and roaring lion!

Eros Ramazzotti - Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 4:07     Country: Italy

Great and easy-to-understand lyrics in this romantic hit song by cantautore (singer-songwriter) Eros Ramazzotti

Serena - sistema scolastico italiano

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:54     Accent: Lucano

Serena and Elena talk about the school system in Italy, which is quite different from that of other countries. Terminology is different and can be deceptive, so be prepared for some false cognates. Where Americans talk about going away to school (college, university), Italians talk about the university. Find out what "scuola" means to these two young Italian women.

Corso di italiano con Daniela - Mi piace

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:42     Accent: Neapolitan

It's important to know how to talk about what you like and what you don't like. Daniela explains how in this lesson, and if you remember that when you like something, it pleases you, you'll get it!

Ma che ci faccio qui! - Un film di Francesco Amato - Part 16

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:41     Accent: Italian

Alessio is back at the beach club and shares a bed with Tonino's daughter, Martina. Once again he goes to the train station to meet up with his friends in Amsterdam...

Linea Blu - Sicilia - Part 3

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:11     Accent: Italian

An important occupation in Sicily is fishing. Fishing for swordfish requires a special boat and special techniques because of how fast these fish swim.

L'arte della cucina - I Luoghi del Mondo - Part 6

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 3:33     Accent: Italian

Art critic Gillo Dorfles talks about Milan in the fifties, sixties and seventies, and how, thanks to the war and to fascism, it developed as it did. Gualtiero Marchesi talks about the high standards of his cuisine, and some of the personalities who frequented his restaurant.

Calcio - Intervista a Ciro Immobile

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 4:19     Country: Italy

Ciro Immobile, offense player, talks about his fantastic season with the Turin team. He now plays offense with the Borussia Dortmund team and with the national Italian team.

Il Commissario Manara - Le Lettere Di Leopardi - Ep 4 - Part 7

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 1:15     Accent: Italian

Amidst murder and insomnia, Manara is attempting to eat a sandwich during the autopsy in the morgue. And Ginevra... well, she has an infallible solution to help him get back to normal.

Marika e Daniela - Colosseo, interno - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate Italian     Length: 4:43     Accent: Italian

Marika and Daniela tell us about the horrors that went on inside the Colosseum in Roman times, but also about the special, more peace-loving role the Colosseum has today. Discover, among other things, where the the gesture of thumbs down comes from!

Fellini Racconta - Un Autoritratto Ritrovato - Part 21

Difficulty: advanced Italian     Length: 3:44     Accent: Italian

This is the last segment of a series of interviews focused on one of the greatest film directors of all time. Fellini, in saying he doesn't have much to say, says it all.

Anna e Marika - in Il Barbiere di Siviglia di Gioacchino Rossini - Part 2

Difficulty: advanced Italian     Length: 2:46     Accent: Italian

Anna and Marika tell us the story of Rosina, who in the midst of deception and intrigue, ends up getting married. But to whom? The one she loves, or the one who wants her at all costs?

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