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Business vocabulary and expressions part 3

Previously, we looked at ways to talk about going to work and different positions at the workplace. In Part 3, we will talk about something we often have to do in an office or other workplace, or even just in everyday life: sign documents. Since the words we are looking for are not cognates — in fact, we might be tempted to invent the word "signare," which would be wrong — let's become familiar with the right words.



The verb is firmare (to sign).

Documenti importanti da firmare, giusto.

Important documents to sign, that's right.

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But you can also use the noun la firma (the signature).

Il verbale senza la sua firma non serve a nulla.

The statement without her signature is useless.

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We often use the verb fare (to make, to do) when asking someone for their signature.

Mi fai una firma (will you sign this for me)?


We can also use the verb mettere (to put).

C'è da pagare un'ammenda, se mi mette una firma.

There's a fine to pay if you would put your signature on it for me.

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These days, we are often asked to create una firma digitale (a digital signature) so that we can send un documento firmato (a signed document) via posta elettronica (email) or messaggino (text). Whatever kind of computer you have, there is likely an application to facilitate this. 


When you just need to initial a document, or, especially, single lines in a document, rather than providing your entire signature, someone might say:

Basta uno scarabocchio (a scribble will suffice).

Fai uno scarabocchio (initial it).


The proper, formal term, is siglare (to initial). 


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Dopo la formula di chiusura, inserisco la firma del mittente.

After the complimentary closing, I insert the signature of the sender.

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Two more important words to know, in the office or outside it are il mittente (the sender) and il destinatario (the recipient or addressee).


Let us know if there are particular things you would like to know about using Italian in the workplace. And let's not forget that more and more, English words are being incorporated into business Italian!