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Fingers and Toes Italian style

Fingers and toes, Italian style

It's always a good idea to know what each finger on the hand are called in a given language. 

Here are the names of the five fingers in italian:


Ogni mano ha cinque dita. Andiamo a conoscerle. Il pollice, indice, medio, anulare e mignolo.

Each hand has five fingers. Let's get to know them. The thumb, index, middle, ring, and little finger.

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For more about upper limbs see this video from Marika


Compared to English, Italian has a different take on fingers and toes. Italian speakers use dito (finger) for both fingers and toes, but specify when it's not about hands.

Tutti i pezzi che mancavano meno uno. -Il dito? No, le dita ci sono tutte sia dei piedi che delle mani. -Eh.

All the missing pieces save one. -The finger? No, all the digits are there, both on the feet and the hands. -Yeah.

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So it's important to know that in Italian, there is no real difference between a finger and a toe. It just depends on where it is located. 


However, the big toe is often referred to as l'alluce.

Il dito grande del piede si chiama alluce.

The big toe of the foot is called [the] big/great toe.

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Note that when we are talking about the toe of a boot or a shoe, then, it's la punta.

È la punta dello stivale Italia.

It's the toe of Italy's boot.

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Ci sono delle scarpe a punta,

There are shoes with pointed toes,

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If you do something with your toe or toes, then it will probably be con la punta del piede.


Grammar corner:

Let's keep in mind that il dito (the finger) is a masculine noun, but has a feminine plural with an unusual ending: le dita (the fingers).


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