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Legare (to Tie)

Adriano provides us with a useful Italian word: legare (to tie). In talking about his favorite restaurant in Dublin, he uses the verb form, legare (to tie):


Sono molti i fattori che mi legano a questo ristorante.

There are many factors that tie me to this restaurant.

Caption 24, Adriano - Pizzeria Pinocchio

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He’s speaking metaphorically, just as in the following example, where he uses the adjective/past participle legato.


Quando ero piccolo, ero molto legato alla figura di Pinocchio.

When I was little, I was very tied to the figure of Pinocchio.

Caption 38, Adriano - Pizzeria Pinocchio

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In Italian, the verb legare can imply feeling connected to something or someone as in the above examples, or it can be about simply tying or fastening something.


Ora, io non l'ho legato,

Now, I haven't fastened him in,

ma naturalmente va sempre legato.

but naturally he should always be fastened.

Caption 23, Anna presenta - Attrezzature per un neonato

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We’re talking about a kind of seat belt here.

And in the following example, we’re talking about a leash for a dog and tying an animal to a secure post.


Va be', sì, insomma, l'avevo legato qui fuori a un vaso,

OK, yes, in other words, I'd tied him to a flower pot out here,

ma evidentemente...

but evidently...

Caption 35, La Ladra - Ep. 1 - Le cose cambiano

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Things can be tied in a non-physical way, by association.


Comunque qualcosa legato all'incendio, no?

In any case, something tied to the fire, right?

Caption 48, Il Commissario Manara - S1EP11 - Beato tra le donne

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There's more to say about legare so stay tuned.


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