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Telecom Italia Mobile - Quando mamma chiama...Garibaldi risponde!

Difficulty: difficulty - Beginner Beginner


In this ad, heroic Giuseppe Garibaldi is stereotyped as a mammone (mama's boy), still under the thumb of his mammina (dear mother), stereotypical overprotective Italian mother.

Telecom Italia Mobile - La camicia bianca di Garibaldi

Difficulty: difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate


TIM is Italy's state controlled mobile phone service. In this madcap ad, we're taken back to the time of Garibaldi, where the great unifier of Italy complains to his mother about her laundry skills. In order to avoid parolacce (dirty words), Garibaldi resorts to a euphemism, which even when translated won't make sense to many of us. What he means in caption 8 is "Like hell."

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