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PsicoVip (Psycho-VIP) is an animated comedy from Rai Fiction featuring Minivip and his older brother, Supervip. Because his brother is so strong and sure of himself, Minivip, the weakest superhero in the universe, has ended up with an inferiority complex and is now undergoing analysis from Doc, the most incompetent, most dishonest shrink in the world. In these comical sessions, Minivip tells him about his dreams, adventures, and nightmares, which reveal the fears and anxieties that hound him day after day.

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Psicovip - Il treno - Ep 3

Difficulty: difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate


Minivip is on the train, when all of a sudden a woman enters his compartment and asks for help with her suitcase. It is clearly too heavy for our little minihero, and, as usual, his big brother comes and saves him from his misadventure.

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