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Corso di italiano con Daniela - Salutare

Level Newbie


Daniela teaches us the Italian way to say hello and goodbye, to both our friends and to people we don't know.

Giuditta e Marino presentano - La nostra famiglia

Level Newbie


Do you know the Italian words for family members? Listen and watch as Giuditta and Marino talk about how large their family has become since they got married and had a child.

Marika spiega - Gli opposti

Level Newbie


Big or small, thick or thin? Marika gives you a jump start to some of the most common opposites used in everyday Italian. You'll get the picture!

Adriano - Pizzeria Pinocchio

Level Beginner


Adriano has left his native Palermo and is now living in Dublin. He takes us to his favorite Italian restaurant in Dublin's downtown area.

Il Commissario Manara - S1EP2 - Vendemmia tardiva

Level Intermediate


Manara and his team are still looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed the tramp, and investigating the vineyard owner's disappearance. Lara gives Manara a clue as to why she's still angry...

COVID-19 - Il viaggio di Melania

Level Intermediate


Imagine being on vacation and having to fly home during the pandemic. That's what happened to Melania who got stuck in Madrid on her way home from Venezuela.

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Just $ 12.95 USD per month

Unlimited access to our growing library of 2100+ videos for less than the cost of a 15 minute lesson.