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Corso di italiano con Daniela - Verbi in "infinitivo"

Level Newbie


Daniela teaches us something very important! When you have two verbs in the infinitive, one after another, they get connected by the preposition "a" (to). Most of the time one of those verbs is...

Marika spiega - Conversazione

Level Beginner


Daniela and Marika show us the basics of making conversation between 2 people who know each other as well as between strangers, or people of different ages.

COVID-19 - la storia di Giuditta e Marino

Level Beginner


Marika introduces a mini-series devoted to the story of a family that has decided to share their Covid-19 experience.

Anna presenta - Piazza del Popolo

Level Beginner


Piazza del Popolo is one of Rome's most famous squares. It is at the foot of the Pincio Park. Three churches front on the piazza, two of which are famously known as the twins.

Adriano - a Mondello

Level Beginner


Mondello is where the people of Palermo go to the beach. Adriano tells us about how the place came to be, and about a gastronomical specialty called the arancina.

Questione di Karma - Rai Cinema

Level Intermediate


A drama produced by RAI Cinema and Wildside follows the story of Giacomo, played by Fabio de Luigi, who searches for his dead father. He hopes to find his reincarnated father among the 800...

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Just $ 12.95 USD per month

Unlimited access to our growing library of 2300+ videos for less than the cost of a 15 minute lesson.